An artist's rendering of an apartment building.

The Mapleton Building

 Apartments with two bedrooms, two bedrooms plus a den or three bedrooms. These are primarily located on the second and third floor of The Academy Mapleton Hill’s main building. The first floor is comprised of several residences, as well as, the community dining areas, swimming pool, concert hall, movie theater, hair salon, and library.

Units between 1,120 to 2,650 sf

THE Mapleton BUILDING Available Residences

Mapleton Hill – Mapleton Bldg. – A214 | 2 bed / 2 bath | 1,165 sf
HELD Mapleton Hill – Mapleton Bldg. – A215 | 2 bed / 2 bath | 1,270 sf
Mapleton Hill – Mapleton Bldg. – A314 | 2 bed / 2 bath | 1,165 sf
HELD Mapleton Hill – Mapleton Bldg. – A315 | 2 bed / 2 bath | 1,270 sf

Mapleton Hill Membership

Academy Mapleton Hill is a small community of 91 residences in an industry where most communities have hundreds.  Our Membership Deposit is what allows us to offer the level of services, amenities, and staffing that we pride ourselves on.  Each residence at Academy Mapleton Hill has a membership deposit of 85%. Membership Deposits are based on the residence size, views, finishes, and square footage.


Upon termination of your Residency Agreement and AMH entering into a new, funded, residency agreement with a new resident, you, or your estate, will receive the 85% refundable amount within 30 days. 


The 15% non-refundable portion of your Membership Deposit will be amortized over the first 25 months of your Residency Agreement.  If your Residency Agreement is terminated with the initial 25-month period, you will refunded the unamortized portion. 


If a second person will reside in the residence, a $50,000 Membership Deposit will be due upon move-in. The deposit will be amortized as non-refundable to Academy Mapleton Hill over a 25-month period.